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About There She Goes

From a young age we were often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and while our answers changed, the weight of societal expectations didn’t. Nurse, but never a doctor. Secretary, but never a CEO. Entering high school as three ambitious teenage girls, we became aware of the strong presence of gender norms in every workplace. We were told that the girls team would never be as good as the boys team, that voicing our opinion was seen as rude, and that being passionate meant we were too emotional. Success became more intimidating than exciting as we realized that we would have to navigate our career opportunities on our own and find ourselves outside of societal expectations. But this was not a challenge unique to us.

Our mothers’ powerful stories of overcoming financial instability, education and career disparities, and pursuing career goals despite misogynistic and demeaning experiences in the workforce taught us that success is possible with the right knowledge and drive.

Inspired by our own experiences and so many other women, we created “There She Goes” in hopes of teaching young women that they can be successful despite hardships. Using the tools we have learned from mentors, leadership positions, and internships, we hope to make young women feel less intimidated and more prepared in their endeavors.


Our Mission

There She Goes is a summer program aimed at equipping under-resourced young women with the tools necessary to pursue their career goals. Our program includes guest speakers, workshops on various career topics (resume building, interviews, networking, etc.), and a mentorship program partnering female professionals with young women, all while focusing on creating a community of empowered young women. Through our website the program’s resources are available digitally with online interviews and guidebooks in both English and Spanish that can be distributed with schools and community organizations. 

Our Vision

There She Goes was created with a goal of aiding young women in overcoming systemic inequalities and opportunity gaps by equipping them with the tools to pursue their career paths. Young women will learn that they are capable of achieving their goals and gain the knowledge necessary to blaze their own paths. We hope that students will walk away feeling connected to a strong support system of women who share similar experiences and the motivation to do what they are passionate about.

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